Movie screen

captive air

Suitable for outdoor or indoor screenings, the inflatable screens* from Michelin Inflatable Solutions are revolutionary because of their lightness, their compact size, and their speed and ease of use.

They are available in 5 different sizes, ranging from 3 m wide to 8 m wide: for indoor use for private screens with a few dozen people to large-scale outdoor screenings for several hundred people.

The inflatable screens from Michelin Inflatable Solutions are silent! They have no need for a permanent blower, so you will have no noise during your screening and will save energy !

blown air

We also offer a range of giant blown-air screens.

These are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, guaranteeing a high-quality viewing experience in all circumstances.

They are available in sizes ranging from 8 meters wide to 24 meters.

Once deflated and folded, even our largest 8 m screens are ultra compact! They will easily fit in the trunk of a car (size of a sports bag) and will thus allow for reducing transport costs and the related CO2 emissions.

The projection surface is 16:9 and the structures are equipped with an extension depending on their size. 

Depending on how you want to use it, we can adapt the screen canvas: an effective and resistant fabric for regular outdoor screenings or a premium fabric for demanding cinematographic screenings.

The screens are all delivered with the following elements:

  • Structure and 16:9 format screen canvas

  • Carry bag

  • Inflation pump

  • Guy ropes and pegs as of the 5 m screen


As an option, you can choose to have a special custom-made canvas (no edges, black, transonic, etc.) and a repair kit.

*Examples of use for our movie screens:
Outdoor movie screen/swimming pool movie theatre/Drive-in movie theatre/private screening/indoor screening/giant screen for sports events/outdoor screening for festivals/outdoor movie theatre

Key benefits

Lightness -


Speed -


Ease -


Compactness -


Technical data

Screen width

Screen height

Structure width

Structure height

Installation time



3 m

1.70 m

3.30 m

2.50 m

5 min

8 kg

4 m

2.20 m

4.40 m

3.40 m

8 min

15 kg

5 m

2.80 m

5.40 m

4.20 m

10 min

20 kg

6 m

3.40 m

6.50 m

4.90 m

15 min

30 kg

8 m

4.50 m

6.70 m

6.40 m

20 min

50 kg


7 m

5 m

8 m

6 m

30 min

35 kg

9 m

6 m

10 m

7 m

30 min

50 kg

12 m

6.5 m

13 m

8 m

30 min

80 kg

14 m

8 m

15 m

10 m

1 h

110 kg

15 m

10 m

17 m

12 m

1 h 30

180 kg

18 m

12 m

20 m

14 m

2 h

220 kg

22 m

12 m

24 m

14 m

2 h 30

280 kg


The screen is great! It’s simple to use, easy to set up, it’s perfect !

Yann from YLAND


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