XL shelter

Stand out during your events, thanks to our ultra-light inflatable shelter with an innovative design !

As its effective area ranges from 50 m² to 150 m² it is very large and will suit multiple events.

This large-scale inflatable event shelter from Michelin Inflatable Solutions is modular, adaptable, and extendable: each module measures 50 m² and the modules can be zipped together to create an area of 100 m² or 150 m²!

Its lightness will allow you to save a lot of time during your events. Installation is quick and easy, as is deflation. 


In fact, the XL events tent can be used both indoors and out thanks to its watertight covers and its adapted weighting and/or bracing system, and which resists winds up to 40 kph. The structure is maintained autonomously, without a permanent blower.

Consequently, you have no noise during your events and will participate in saving energy for a more sustainable event! 

In addition, the covers on our shelters are adaptable: thanks to a zipper they can be removed and replaced as you desire.



Once deflated and folded, the extremely compact Michelin Inflatable Solutions giant events shelter is easily transported and will thus allow for reducing transport costs and the related CO2 emissions.

100% personnalisable

Lastly, this tent guarantees your brand great visibility thanks to its large printing surface; it is 100% customizable: its 2 pediments and also the roof, for maximized brand expression !

Key benefits

Resistance -


Modularity -


Speed -


Compactness -


Technical data




5 m

10 m

5 m

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