Launch of MICHELIN airsurgery cushions at Unaibode 2024

New range of innovative air cushions : MICHELIN AirSurgery

The innovative MICHELIN AirSurgery inflatable modules were presented for the first time at the 39th UNAIBODE National Study and Training Days on 23 and 24 May 2024 at the Polydome in Clermont Ferrand.

Designed for patient positioning in the operating theatre, these inflatable cushions will make life easier for the heroes and heroines of healthcare.

The MICHELIN AirSurgery can be custom-adjusted to ensure that patients are better positioned during surgery in the supine or lateral decubitus position.

These inflatable cushions provide optimum access to the surgical area while improving patient comfort and aiding post-operative recovery.

@BLOC Partnership

Michelin Inflatable Solutions is pleased to announce its partnership with @bloc for the distribution of the MICHELIN AirSurgery range of positioning cushions.

Demonstration of the innovative MICHELIN AirSurgery cushions at UNAIBODE 2024

At UNAIBODE 2024, we presented our new range of MICHELIN AirSurgery cushions for patient positioning in the operating theatre.

Workshops were organised to give carers the opportunity to handle the MICHELIN AirSurgery cushions, but also to put themselves in the patients' shoes.

The testimonials highlighted the ease of use, adaptability and speed of deployment for carers, and the comfort for patients.

Discover the MICHELIN AirSurgery range of inflatable cushions

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