Medical : Inflatable solutions for patients and caregivers


MICHELIN INFLATABLE SOLUTIONS brings its expertise in product design, materials and processes, as well as its know-how in technical coated textiles, to offer inflatable solutions for patients and caregivers:

  • Secure and facilitate the medical gestures of healthcare professionals, with inflatable solutions that are durable and easy to use.

  • Ensure optimal ergonomics while preserving the physical and cutaneous integrity of patients.

Innovating together to help you take care of people

The advantages of inflatable

Lightness -


Resistance -


Modular -


Solutions designed by and for medical heroes & heroines

Innovation has been part of Michelin's DNA since the beginning. It enables us to offer solutions that best meet the needs of all our customers in the long term. In an increasingly complex environment, deploying resources to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible to the hospital world is fundamental. Michelin is flexible enough to deal with all situations, including those that it cannot yet imagine, and to devise innovative premium solutions that respond perfectly to the user's problem by considering a solution in its context of use with the potential customer.

our solutions

Michelin + to meet the needs of the medical world

  • The expertise of the inflatable with high technicality and materials make our solutions adaptable and able to take care of important patient weights 

  • Expertise in pressure means that we know how to take care of patients' skin 

  • Team of experts from Michelin Group R&D. From design, to prototyping, to industrialization, our teams of technicians and engineers are ready to listen to the needs of healthcare personnel 

  • Strong environmental values 

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