Faraday room

Transform part of your open space or meeting room into a Faraday cage.

Standard product with an area of 20 m² (5 m x 3 m) and 2 m high, with the option of a custom-made design.

With a total weight of 35 kg, this room is operational in 10 minutes.

Isolated from electromagnetic fields, this product allows you to protect yourself from communications networks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc., or to perform tests.

The Faraday room is designed from double-layer conductive materials with a magnetic seal on the seams and openings.

Technical data


L=5,00m x l=2,45m x H=2,15m
L= 5,00m x l=3,00m x H= 2,45m

Largeur porte : 1,92m
Encombrement : 0,6m x 0,6 m x 1m


100 micrometer PU
600 Denier fabric
EMC fabric with Velcro 


LED lighting option integrated into the structure
Supply filter option
Customization option

Other specifications

Total weight with carry bag: 35 kg

Electromagnetic mitigation: Single layer 30 MHz to 10 GHz: 80 dB

Key benefits

Lightness -


Speed -


Ease -


Sustainability -


Target uses

How to install a Faraday room


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