Light and compact, this arch is easy to install. 15 minutes and 2 people will suffice to set it up!

Well braced, it stays in place on its own and silently! This self-supporting arch has no need for a permanent blower; so, it is kinder to the environment. 

The Michelin Inflatable Solutions arch will accompany you at all types of event: sporting event, motor race, urban event, trade fair, marketing operation to promote your activity, etc.

Customizable arch

Its shape affords it a large area for customization: in fact, our M1 fabric is printed using the dye sublimation technique for a high quality and durable result. Your brand can express itself to the full and will be highlighted in the best way possible.

It is 3 times lighter than blown air PVC arches; it only weighs 32 kg!

Once deflated and folded, it is kept in a carry bag so you can easily transport it everywhere in the trunk of a car.

In short, this resistant and easy-to-install arch will therefore also be good for the planet thanks to its lightness and its low energy requirements.

It is currently used by Michelin for its sporting competitions. To find out more about Michelin Motorsport, don’t hesitate to visit their website: MICHELIN Motorsport product offer

Key benefits

Lightness -


Speed -


Ease -


Compactness -


Michelin arch technical data

Internal width (m)

Overall width (m)

Height under arch (m)

Maximum height (m)

Weight (kg)

5.3 m

8.8 m

3.1 m

4.1 m

31.5 kg

(14.5 kg for the arch +8.5 kg per tyre)


« The Michelin Inflatable Solutions arch will accompany all our automotive competitions; it meets our need to have a light, resistant and durable arch »

The Michelin Motorsport team


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