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Blizzard Polar Fire Suit

Today, there is no solution for effectively cooling firefighters on operations.

MICHELIN Inflatable Solutions and the BSPP (Brigade de Sapeurs-Pompiers de Paris) presented their new innovation to professionals and the general public : the Blizzard Polar Jacket.

This protective textile equipment is designed for firefighting, and enhances the safety of firefighters working in conditions of high heat stress or in an unbreathable atmosphere.

We have developed a fire suit with controlled cooling to prevent burns, heatstroke and physiological stress for firefighters. Coupled with a cooling system that maintains body temperature below 39°C and skin temperature below 43°C, with renewal of the protective layer of air and diffusion of cool air inside the suit.

As well as being used by the BSPP, the equipment will meet the needs of many other military corps.

Two key projects

This Forum Innovation Defense gave the Brigade de Sapeurs-Pompiers de Paris (BSPP) the opportunity to present its 2 key projects :

- Libellule, which involves the delivery of lifebuoys and defibrillators by autonomous drones;
- Blizzard Polaire, which aims to cool protective textile equipment for firefighting.

The outlook for these projects within the Ministry of the Armed Forces is bright, and we're looking forward to discovering some superb innovations.

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